Never be trapped by convention.....break the mold.... You can rest assured in your choice with us for our credentials are never embellished by false institutions.

We believe in taking the time to pursue accredited educational degrees to pass on proper education to our students and valued clients. Come be a part of something bigger. You to can give your child the life long gifts for value of art, discipline, and dedication starting today.

We are a specialized local business catering to children and adults. We pride ourselves on putting the "art" back into performance art through legitimate classical training. We provide instruction in Technical Vagnova ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, Hip-hop, Lyrical, Improv, Pilates and Vaniform, (only offered here). We have just opened a new state of the art facility in Martinsville's historic uptown district. Instruction provided by a classically trained ballet dancer with a degree in performance art so when choosing a dance education you can rest assured in your choice with us.

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